Since a month ago I started driving by car once a week, before it was like twice a year. In the thirty minutes drive to my Pen&Paper group yesterday I have said the word "idiots" more than in the whole year before that. 1/5

There were two cars behind me on the slower lane side by side stalking me for ten minutes like three meters behind me, the one on the fast lane choose not to accelerate for some reason. I couldn't drive faster due to speed limitation. 2/5

A lot of cars were driving extremely close ranged behind me. I kept my speed slightly above speed limit, never more than 10km/h. 3/5

Some guys ignored speed limit at all and went like 120 km/h on a 70 km/h lane. 4/5


Interesting to see me visualizing angry men behind the steering wheel, not other genders.
Sorry folks! Everyone is included to be a hateful monkey behind the steering wheel.

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