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Was häufig missverstanden wird: Wenn eine Prognose sagt, ein Ereignis trete mit 95% Wahrscheinlichkeit ein, und es tritt nicht ein, dann war die Prognose nicht zwingend schlecht. Eventuell war sie sogar optimal: wie beim Wurf eines 20seitigen Würfels, dass keine 1 gewürfelt wird.

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With all these “heartbeat bills” in the U.S., I keep thinking of this memorial to Savita Halappanavar in Ireland, who died of sepsis after being denied an abortion on the grounds that the fetus she was miscarrying still had a detectable heartbeat. “She had a heartbeat too.”

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In this capitalist society, we long for 'more of the same', and call it 'freedom of choice'.

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We are seeing sea ice collapse at an astonishing rate. That's not good. Watch.

There is no time to waste. there is no planet B. We must . Time for a .

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immer noch günstiger als Taxi! ;D

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Ein Mann hatte sich am Wochenende nach eigener Aussage nicht zu Fuß auf die verirrt, sondern die Autobahn war einfach sein kürzester Nachhauseweg.

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This is absolutely OUTRAGEOUS

St.Ann Police officers in Missouri broke a passenger side window, dragged an innocent black man out of it and arrested him only to find out later that THEY ARRESTED THE WRONG PERSON



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Where are the breaking news?
The extra news broadcasts?
The front pages?
Where are the emergency meetings?
The crisis summits?

What could be more important?
We are failing but we have not yet failed.
We can still fix this.
But not if we continue like today.
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BREAKING: For the first time ever, the CO2 concentration at Mauna Loa in Hawaii has reached 415PPM.

We were worried it would happen this year, and it did.

This needs to be breaking news on every news channel. twitter.com/CO2_earth/status/1

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A new UN report concludes that 1mn spices risk extinction because of human activity. And that the destruction of nature threatens humanity.
And yet, this is not top news. As long as it continues like this, as long as the media fails to take responsibility, we stand no chance.

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